Additional Information:

Material: pine dry Set: one frame consists of 4 parts:
  • top bar – 1 pc
  • bottom plate – 1 pc
  • side plate – 2 pcs
Design and dimensions:
External dimensions of the assembled frame 475 * 435 * 300
The top plate – (470 * 25 * 15 mm) is equipped with an eurolock. Propyl under voshnitsa by agreement.
The bottom bracket is 435 * 20 * 10. It has a thorn / groove connection. Propyl under voshnitsa by agreement.
Side plate – 300 * 37 * 10. With Hoffman separator, top and bottom spike, with drilled holes for the bushings.
Packing – 50 pcs. Each pack is tightened with streping tape. Frames are supplied unassembled.
Sending is carried out by postal services throughout Ukraine.
When assembling the frame for hives, Dadan does not require additional fitting or processing of parts.


Collapsible beehive for bees, together with removable frames, became a new discovery in beekeeping. The frame for the hive, which could be squeezed out, allowed to increase the number of bee colonies, launched the development of industrial beekeeping.
Charles Dadan is an American beekeeper of French origin. He studied all types of hives known in his time and, based on his tests in 1868 in the USA, designed a new hive. Subsequently, the Swiss Blatt perfected Dadan’s hive, considering that its design is most suitable for European frosts. For many years, the Dadan-Blatt hive was considered one of the best and was used in many European countries, particularly in Ukraine.
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