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Material: pine dry
Set: one frame consists of 4 parts:
  • top bar – 1 pc
  • bottom plate – 1 pc
  • side plate – 2 pcs
Design and dimensions:
External dimensions of the assembled frame 470 * 435 * 230 mm
The top plate – 470 * 25 * 10/15 mm is equipped with an eurolock. Propyl under voshnitsa by agreement.
The lower bar – 435 * 20 * 10 mm. It has a thorn / groove connection. Propyl under voshnitsa by agreement.
Side plate – 230 * 35/37 * 10 mm. With Hoffman separator, top and bottom spike, with drilled holes for the bushings.
Packing – 50 pcs. Each pack is tightened with streping tape. Frames are supplied unassembled.
Sending is carried out by postal services throughout Ukraine.
The installation and assembly of the Ruth Framework is easy and simple. Additional processing or fitting of parts is not required. If you want to buy Frames Ruta in Ukraine, please contact our company.


The frame for the hive is one of the main elements of the bee house and allows you to extract honey without harming the bee family. Lorenz Loren Langstroth is an American beekeeper who is rightly called the “father of American beekeeping.” For his works, discoveries, works submitted to the National Hall of Fame of US inventors. In 1851, he patented the hive’s frame construction, similar to the modern one, where the frames were removed from above. Amos Ruth simplified the model of the hive Langstroth and became a pioneer in the industrial production of hives. So gradually there was a development, improvement in beekeeping. Today the most popular construction in the world is the Langstroth Ruta hive. His body is designed to frame Ruth.
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