Beekeeping is one of the most ancient human activities. In order to achieve the required results in the production of honey without a quality framework, it will not be possible to obtain honey in the quantity you expect.
The euro frame for the hive is the result of many years of improvement and modernization in beekeeping.
The use of “eurlock” fasteners in the upper strap, as well as the use of a thorn / groove joint in the lower strap, helps to gently and quickly assemble the hive frame. This design is rigidly fixed, it becomes reliable and durable, it helps the beekeeper to save time.
We do not do frames by the piece. Modern high-performance equipment allows to produce products of European quality, in compliance with all the stated standards.
A framework for 4 hive systems is produced on the Ukrainian market:
  • Dadan Frame (300mm)
  • Frame Ruta (230mm)
  • Half frame frame (145mm)
  • Ukrainian frame (mm)
The main task of our company is the production of high-quality products that will help the beekeeper to ease the work and effectively use the released time.
To get a quality product, you need to go through a long cycle, which includes several stages, namely:
  • Freshly sawn wood, sawn, processed in industrial wood drying chambers;
  • Preparation of blanks for further processing by trimming knots, blue, etc.
  • Stage milling of planks for the required set parameters of the framework.
  • Sawing blanks and preparing for the following operations.
  • Drilling holes in the side bars.
  • Cutting the airway groove on the top and bottom blanks (according to need)
  • The process of sorting products on the 1st and 2nd grade.
  • Packaging of finished products
The result of compliance with all technological requirements, as a result, we get a unique product at the exit, allowing the beekeepers to carelessly (painlessly) increase beekeeping and honey production. If you want to buy frames for the hive in Ukraine, and are ready to receive a quality product that meets international standards, you should contact our sales manager for advice. They will always answer your questions with joy and understanding. Call! Write!

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