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Material: pine dry
Set: one frame consists of 4 parts:
  • top bar – 1 pc  
  • bottom plate – 1 pc  
  • side plate – 2 pcs
Design and dimensions:
External dimensions of the assembled frame 470 * 435 * 145 mm
The top plate – 470 * 25 * 10 mm is equipped with an eurolock. Propyl under voshnitsa by agreement.
The bottom plate – 435 * 20 * 10 mm is equipped with a euro-lock. Propyl under voshnitsa by agreement.
Side plate – 230 * 35/37 * 10 mm. With Hoffman separator, top and bottom spike, with drilled holes for the bushings.
Packing – 50 pcs. Each pack is tightened with streping tape. Frames are supplied unassembled.
Sending is carried out by postal services throughout Ukraine.
When assembling a 145mm euro frame (half-frame), no additional adjustment or machining of parts is required.


The result of a beekeeper’s labor depends not only on skills and knowledge, but also on how correctly and efficiently designed and manufactured housing for bees – the frame and the hive. Multicase hive on the frame shop 145 is widely used in many countries with intensive production. A beehive with a store frame has several advantages:
  • ideal for multi-content bees  
  • it’s much easier to roll out store frames when pumping honey;  
  • honeycomb honeycomb is more complete and faster;  
  • easier selection of honey and inspection of bees;  
  • light weight, which is comfortable when servicing;  
  • saving time when expanding the nest, thanks to internal work;  
  • small, low bodies are excellent for organizing the nuclei and maintenance of spare queens;  
  • framed is much easier to get honey;
Euroframe for a hive shop 145 (semi-frame) will easily and comfortably fit into a multihull hive, create all the necessary conditions for the fruitful production of honey.
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