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Material: pine dry
Set: one frame consists of 4 parts:
  • top bar – 1 pc  
  • bottom plate – 1 pc  
  • side plate – 2 pcs
Design and dimensions:
External dimensions of the assembled frame 300 * 335 * 435 mm
The top plate – 335 * 20 * 25 mm is equipped with an eurolock. Propyl under voshnitsa by agreement.
The bottom bracket is 300 * 20 * 10. It has a thorn / groove connection. Propyl under voshnitsa by agreement.
Side plate – 435 * 10 * 25. With a Hoffman separator, with a selection for mounting under the “euro lock”.
Packing – 50 pcs. Each pack is tightened with streping tape. Frames are supplied unassembled.
Sending is carried out by postal services throughout Ukraine.
We are engaged in the production of high-quality framework for hives from raw materials of the Ukrainian zone of Polesie. Euroframes are made according to the standards with the necessary parameters, which allows you to inspect the hive with the simultaneous excavation of several frames.


Beekeeping is one of the oldest professions in the world. Since ancient times, people mined honey and wax from a hollow tree. Then they learned how to make artificial hollows – boards (in the form of decks) or from straw and clay. All the hut houses, decks and boards were non-separable hives. To get the honey, the busters had to destroy the home of the bees. In 1775, in with. Pyotr Prokopovich was born near Mitya near Baturin, who received a good education at the Kiev-Mohyla Academy. At the apiary with his brother, he fascinated to study the life of bees that lived in the nest boxes. In 1814, he was the first in the world to create a collapsible frame hive, the main task of which was to select honey without destroying a bee colony, as well as to control and influence its development. Articles, studies of an outstanding beekeeper are relevant today. The standard of the Ukrainian framework was later approved at a congress of beekeepers in Kiev.
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